EORI number - all information + instructions on how to apply

Introduction and definition of the EORI number

Since 01.11.2009, traders in the European Union who want to import or export goods need an EORI number in most cases. EORI is the abbreviation for “Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification”. In other words, it is a number for the registration and identification of economic operators. The EORI number thus replaces the “customs number” that was valid until 2009. Every trader in the EU receives only one EORI number as an identifier. This should make it easier for customs authorities in EU countries to better control the flow of goods.
Companies and self-employed persons who wish to import goods from a non-EU country into the EU must provide their EORI number for customs clearance.
Without this, customs import clearance is no longer possible, unless the importer (also known as the declarant) is a private individual.

Exports from the EU to a non-EU country also require an EORI number, which is necessary for the creation of the export accompanying document.
However, as the export accompanying document only has to be issued for goods with a value of EUR 1,000 or more or a weight of 1,000 kg of the goods to be exported, economic operators do not need an EORI number for exports below these values. Private individuals generally do not require an EORI number for export.

In our article, you can find out how to apply for an EORI number and what the procedure is like in other countries. We also answer the most frequently asked questions about the EORI number.

Applying for the German EORI number

You can apply for a German EORI number free of charge in two different ways. You can either complete the application form by hand and send it to the Directorate General of Customs by e-mail or fax, or you can submit the application via the Citizen and Business Customer Portal.

Application for the EORI number using form 0870a

To apply using the form, you must download the form online at the following link:
Application for EORI number
You can then fill in the form directly online. All pages must then be printed out and the form must be signed. The form can then be sent to the Directorate General of Customs either by fax or e-mail. The e-mail address and fax number can be found on the first page of the EORI application. If you have any questions about the form, there are also instructions for completing it:
Instructions for completing the application for an EORI number
After you have sent the form by fax or e-mail, it can take up to eight weeks before you receive an EORI number by post. However, if you wish to import or export goods in advance, you can submit the completed and signed application for an EORI number
to your customs agent, e.g. to us. Together with the fax transmission confirmation of the application to the customs directorate or the e-mail confirmation of receipt, which you receive from the customs office, the goods can then be cleared without an EORI number as an exception until this has been assigned to you.

Application via the citizen and business customer portal

Since 01.10.2019, applications for EORI numbers can also be made electronically via the citizen and business customer portal. You can set up the required service account at www.zoll-portal.de. If you already have an account, you can log in here:
Login citizen and business customer portal
To be able to identify yourself digitally as an authorized representative of your company or as a private individual, you must log in using your Elster certificate. You can then also apply for an EORI number via the citizen and business customer portal. Alternatively, you can also change your data stored in the customs system at any time after you have been issued an EORI number. As the allocation of the EORI number also takes some time here, you can have customs clearance carried out by your customs agent, e.g. PUREPROGRESS GmbH, even without an EORI number. All you need to do is have the transaction number of the application for the EORI number ready.

For questions about the EORI number

Please contact the following office if you have any questions regarding the EORI number.
For the application:

House address: Directorate General of Customs, Dresden Office, Master Data Management, Carusufer 3-5, D-01099 Dresden
Postal address: Generalzolldirektion, Dienstort Dresden, Stammdatenmanagement, Postfach 10 07 61, D-01077 Dresden E-Mail: antrag.eori@zoll.de

Fax: 0351 44834-442 or 0351 44834-443 or 0351 44834-444

For questions about the application, existing EORI numbers or general questions:
Telephone EORI number Hotline: 0351 44834-540
E-mail: info.eori@zoll.de

Please note the following common misconceptions/myths:

– In Germany, the EORI number is not the same as the VAT ID number / VAT number / personal or company tax number

– An EORI number is not the same as a customs tariff number

– There is no reverse lookup for EORI numbers

Apply for the EORI number and situation in other countries:

EORI number Brexit / EORI number UK (England, Great Britain) + Northern Ireland

The UK left the EU on January 31, 2020. This has resulted in new customs regulations and provisions for the transportation of goods (import/export). Since January 1, 2021, both the trading partner from Germany or Northern Ireland and the company in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) require an EORI number for the commercial import and export of goods between the states/territories. Without a valid EORI number, you must expect delays and increased costs at the border (e.g. storage fees by the customs office due to the fact that no EORI number is available for clearance). You can find out everything else in detail below:

Transports from a non-EU country to Northern Ireland and transports from Northern Ireland to a non-EU country
You need an EORI number that begins with “XI” if you

  • Goods between Northern Ireland and non-EU countries (e.g. China,
    Great Britain, Switzerland, Norway, etc.) want to move
  • Want to make a customs declaration in Northern Ireland
  • Want to receive (binding) customs information from Northern Ireland

If you already have an EORI number from another EU country,
you do not need a British EORI number beginning with “GB”.
If your company is located in Northern Ireland, you should
but a Northern Irish “XI” Eori number, also “Eori number XI”
instead of another EU-EORI number.

As a rule, you do not need an EORI number for the movement of goods between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Transports from the EU to Great Britain or from Great Britain to the EU
For transports between the EU, e.g. from Germany, Northern Ireland, France, the Netherlands etc. to Great Britain (or vice versa), at least the British company must have a “GB” EORI number. If it does not yet have an EORI number beginning with “GB”, it must apply for a British EORI number. The EORI number should be applied for before the planned transport is carried out, as it can take up to a week to assign the number.

A company in Great Britain does not need an EU EORI number, but only a British EORI number beginning with “GB”. However, if the company in Great Britain wishes to appear as a declarant in the customs system of the European Union, it also needs an EORI number in addition to the “GB” EORI number. in a country of the European Union. It is exactly the same the other way round: A company in the EU, e.g. in Germany, does not necessarily need a British EORI number unless it also wants to act as a customs declarant there. However, an EU-EORI number is always required for the German import/export declaration.

Important: GB-EORI numbers are no longer valid in the EU since 01.01.2021 and EU-EORI numbers are no longer valid in the UK. Both area systems therefore function independently of each other.

Apply for a GB-EORI number now
Apply for a Northern Ireland XI-EORI number now

EORI number Switzerland/Liechtenstein, China, Japan, Canada, Norway, Russia, Turkey, USA

Companies from third countries such as the United States, Turkey, Russia, Japan and China or from EFTA countries such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway do not generally need an EORI number. However, companies from these countries are free to register for an EORI number in an EU country if they wish to act as a customs declarant there. In practice, however, this proves difficult, as a company based outside the EU can no longer act as a declarant since the introduction of the Union Customs Code (cf. Art.170 Para.2 UZK).

EORI number France

A French EORI number is structured according to the format “FR” + the company’s Siret number.
You can apply for an EORI number here: Apply for a French EORI number

EORI number Italy

To obtain an Italian EORI number, you must apply for it using the following form: Apply for an Italian EORI number
The format of the Italian EORI number corresponds to the letters “IT” followed by the tax or VAT identification number.

EORI number Croatia

All information on applying for a Croatian EORI number can be found on the following page:
Apply for a Croatian EORI number

EORI number Lithuania

The application for the Lithuanian EORI number is explained on the Lithuanian customs website:
Apply for a Lithuanian EORI number

EORI number Luxembourg

Luxembourg EORI numbers also correspond to the VAT ID number. of a company.
You can find out more here: Luxembourg customs page for applying for an EORI number

EORI number Netherlands

You can apply for a Dutch/Dutch EORI number on the following page:
Apply for a Dutch EORI number

EORI number Austria

Information on how to apply can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Finance: Information on the Austrian EORI number
The application itself can be made online using the following form: Apply for an Austrian EORI number
After you have submitted the application, you will receive a transaction number with which customs clearance is usually already possible without an EORI number.

EORI number Poland

You can find out how to apply for a Polish EORI number directly here: Apply for a Polish EORI number

EORI number Sweden

The Swedish EORI number is made up of the letters “SE” and the Swedish
Company number or, in the case of private individuals, the letters SE and the personal identification number.
Swedish EORI numbers can be applied for online here: Apply for a Swedish EORI number

EORI number Spain

To apply for a Spanish EORI number, follow the links on the following page:
Apply for a Spanish EORI number

EORI number Czech Republic

The Czech EORI number can be registered via the following page:
Apply for a Czech EORI number

Frequently asked questions:

How do I apply for an EORI number?

The application process varies depending on the country in which you or your company are located.
We have summarized for you the links to all official sites/offices which are available in the respective country.
are responsible for applying for the EORI number. You can then submit the application there in most
electronically or by sending a signed form by e-mail/fax.

Where can I get the EORI number?

You will receive your EORI number by post after applying via one of the links above. Should you have
If you have forgotten your EORI number, you can contact the office that gave you an EORI number in the past at any time.
EORI number has been assigned. In Germany, this would be the Information and Knowledge Management Customs in Dresden. Alternative
As the holder of the EORI number, you can always ask the customs office responsible for you or any other customs office for an EORI number.
Ask for the EORI number.

Where can I find the EORI number?

If you know the EORI number you are looking for, you can check its validity online at the following link:
Check Eori number
If you do not know the EORI number, there is no way to obtain it for German EORI numbers. However, you can also simply test any EORI number using the link above, as the result will show you whether the EORI number is invalid or not. Depending on the data protection release in the application for an EORI number, the entire address of the holder of the EORI number may also be displayed.

Is the EORI number the VAT ID?

In some countries, the EORI number corresponds 1 to 1 with the VAT ID (sales tax identification number). As each country
However, as each country has its own system for assigning the EORI number, there are no uniform standards. Some countries
also add codes such as “B01” or several zeros before or after the VAT ID, which then results in the EORI number.
The German EORI number is independent of the VAT ID and can therefore not be determined using the above method.

How long does it take to get an EORI number?

Depending on the country responsible for assigning the EORI number, it can take anywhere from several hours to several days.
It may take weeks before you are allocated an EORI number. Due to the sometimes very long processing times at the
However, you can usually clear goods to be declared at the customs office without the EORI number. For this
a transaction number of the registration for the EORI number is usually required (Austria) or an e-mail/fax number must be provided.
Confirmation of transmission of the application for an EORI number must be submitted.

Is the customs number the EORI number?

The former “customs number” was replaced by the current EORI number in November 2009. Old customs numbers lost with it
automatically valid from 01.11.2009, unless the data is forwarded to the Commission of the European Communities.
European Community was agreed. Therefore, if you were in possession of a customs number, this is not
is no longer valid and you must now apply for an EORI number.

What does a German EORI number look like?

A German EORI number usually has the format “DE” followed by a 15-digit number sequence.
If the old customs number has been adopted, a German EORI number can also have the format “DE” and a
have a seven-digit number sequence. The EORI number could then look something like this, for example: “DE123456787654321” or “DE1234567”

Where can I apply for an EORI number?

You can apply for a German EORI number directly on the German customs website, for example, using the following link:
Information on the EORI number
Form for applying for the EORI number

When is an EORI number required?

An EORI number is always required if you want to import goods from a non-EU country into the EU as a trader.
You also need an EORI number for exports with a goods value of over EUR 1,000 or a weight of over 1,000 kg. All natural or legal persons who carry out their activities in order to make a profit need an EORI number. The EORI number is therefore also issued to small businesses and people working in agriculture. Whether the EORI number is issued to private individuals depends on whether more than 10 shipments/year are exported/imported. If so, the EORI number can be applied for.

Is it possible to import without EORI?

The import of goods from a non-EU country into the EU is generally only possible for private individuals without an EORI number. However, if you have recently applied for an EORI number and this has not yet been assigned to you, import is exceptionally possible without an EORI number. To do this, you must send the application for an EORI number to your customs agent, together with the transaction number or confirmation of receipt from customs that the application is being processed.

Where can I see my EORI number?

You can see your EORI number in the letter you received from the General Customs Directorate in Dresden. If you no longer know this number, you can request it by telephone or in writing from any customs office.

What does the EORI number look like?

The EORI number is structured differently depending on the EU country in which the holder of the EORI number is located.
A German EORI number always begins with the two letters “DE” followed by a 15-digit random number sequence.

When does the EORI number have to be on the invoice?

Some companies that regularly import from the Far East automatically write the EORI number on the supplier’s invoice. This can be done, for example, by writing in the address line so that you also enter your EORI number in the billing address. This procedure may help the customs agent to clear the shipment more quickly. The same applies to shipments that you send to a non-EU country yourself.
However, there is generally no obligation to state the EORI number on the invoice.

Where do I apply for an EORI number or how do I get an EORI number?

You can apply for a German EORI number directly online via the citizen and business customer portal using your ELSTER certificate.
The alternative would be to complete form 0870a Application for EORI number, sign it and send it by fax or e-mail to the responsible office. When applying using form 0870a, you can obtain the EORI number without an Eltster certificate.

Who does not need an EORI number?

Important: In the following cases you do NOT need an EORI number:

– for applying for an ATA Carnet

– for the registration of a move / relocation goods

– for intra-Community deliveries (transports within the EU)

What happens now?

If you are still unclear about the EORI number, you can read more here:

EORI number: Wikipedia

Information on the EORI number: Zoll.de

Once you have applied for your EORI number, you are ready to import or export goods. Click here to go to our customs clearance price list, where you can also access our contact form with just one click. Give us a brief description of your case and we will advise you free of charge and without obligation on the preparation of the customs documents required for your individual case.