What is the EORI number?

The EORI number (formerly customs number) is used to identify economic operators to customs. You can apply for an EORI number free of charge and without obligation. More about the EORI number.

Since November 1, 2009, the so-called EORI number has been included in the export accompanying document (ABD) in the EU customs system. This is an identification number of economic operators in a customs procedure. EORI stands for “Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification System”. The EORI number is intended to facilitate automated data processing in the customs system.

In principle, each economic operator can only have one EORI number. This is usually issued by the member state. This means that a German company always receives its EORI number from the German customs administration. A Polish company receives its EORI number from the Polish customs administration, etc. The only exception is if the company comes from a third country. This could be Switzerland, for example. As the third country does not belong to the EU, a company from this country would have to apply for an EORI number in an EU country, e.g. Germany.

What role does the EORI number play in the export accompanying document?

If you want to export goods from the EU to a third country, you always need an EORI number. This must be entered by the customs agent in various places in the export accompanying document. Firstly, in the field of the exporter who exports the goods from the EU. This is always the seller of the goods. As a rule, this is also the sender of the goods. However, if the goods are stored and collected by another company that sells the goods to a German company, for example, which in turn exports the goods out of the EU, the exporter is the one who issues the invoice to the company abroad. Secondly, the EORI number must be indicated in the declarant’s box in the export accompanying document. This is normally the customs agent. However, if the exporter makes the customs declaration himself, he is not only the exporter but also the declarant.

Structure of the EORI / customs number

The EORI number (formerly known as the “customs number”) is always structured in the same way. It consists of the two-character country prefix, acc. ISO code 3166, e.g. “DE” for Germany, “IT” for Italy, etc. This is followed by a random number for EORI numbers registered in Germany, which is either 17 or nine digits long. An example would be the number DE123456789987654 for an EORI number from Germany. While in Germany it is a random number after the country prefix, the EORI number is structured differently in other countries. Although the prefix has the same structure, according to. ISO-3166, but the number behind it follows a specification. In the Czech Republic, for example, the EORI number corresponds to the prefix “CZ” and then the IČO (Czech identification number), e.g. CZ07846461. The validity of each EORI number can be checked under the following link: Confirmation of EORI number

Who needs an EORI number?

In principle, every trader, i.e. companies and self-employed persons who wish to export goods from the EU with a value of more than EUR 1000 or weighing more than 1000 kg, requires an EORI number. Private individuals do not necessarily need an EORI number, but can still apply for one. If you are a trader and do not have an EORI number but need one, you must apply for an EORI number. Under certain circumstances, however, export is exceptionally possible without an EORI number. More on this below.

How does the application work?

You can apply for an EORI number on the German customs website. At the top right of the page you will find the links to the various forms. On the back pages of the form you will also find a completion guide. After you have filled in all the required fields, you can send the signed form to the customs e-mail address given there. If you have any questions about filling out the form, please contact us by e-mail: anfrage@pureprogress.ch

Clearance without EORI no.

If you need an EORI number for an urgent export but do not have one, the clearance can also be released with the application for an EORI number. As it can take up to two weeks for the EORI number to be issued, German customs will show goodwill and allow you to complete the export declaration without an EORI number. However, certain requirements must be met for this. You must print out the application for an EORI number on the customs website and send the completed and signed form to the customs e-mail address. You will find the e-mail address on the first page of the form.

After you have sent the e-mail to the central EORI number issuing office, the customs office in Dresden, you will automatically receive a confirmation of receipt of the e-mail. As a customs agency, we require the completed and signed application for an EORI number and the confirmation of receipt from customs for submission to the inland customs office. This means that clearance is also possible without the EORI number having already been issued.

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