Customs clearance Switzerland: Everything you need to know

Switzerland is known for its breathtaking scenery, its chocolate and its economic stability. However, as a country that does not belong to the European Union (EU), Switzerland is subject to special customs regulations that are of great importance for international trade. In this article, we take a closer look at the topic of “Swiss customs clearance” and explain the basics and the importance of customs clearance for companies and private individuals.

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What is customs clearance?

Customs clearance is the process of processing goods and merchandise at a country’s borders. When importing goods into Switzerland, certain customs procedures must be followed to ensure that the goods are processed properly and enter the country legally. At the same time, customs procedures must also be observed when exporting goods from Switzerland.

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Import customs clearance Switzerland

Swiss Customs is responsible for importing goods into Switzerland. Import customs clearance is a complex process in which various aspects must be taken into account, such as the value of the goods, the country of origin of the goods, the trade category and possible duty exemptions or tariff quotas.

It is important for companies to determine the correct customs tariff numbers for their imported goods, as these determine the applicable duty rate. The customs tariff numbers are internationally standardized and are defined in the Harmonized System (HS).

Customs exemptions and facilitations

Switzerland has certain customs agreements with other countries and tariff quotas for certain goods, which may allow partial or full exemption from customs duties. Companies should inform themselves about these agreements and quotas in order to save costs and optimize their trading activities.

Proof of origin

In order to benefit from tariff preferences, the origin of the goods must be proven. This proof can be provided by certificates of origin, supplier declarations or other documents that prove that the goods originate from a specific country. This means that, depending on the customs tariff number, either fewer customs duties have to be paid when importing into Switzerland or no import duties are payable at all for the goods in question.

Export customs clearance from Switzerland

Certain customs procedures must also be observed when exporting goods from Switzerland. Exporters must ensure that their goods comply with the export regulations and that the required export documents are issued correctly.

Importance of customs clearance

Customs clearance plays a crucial role in Switzerland’s international trade and economy. An efficient customs clearance process helps to promote trade, simplify business processes and strengthen the competitiveness of companies. Proper customs clearance also ensures compliance with legal regulations and prevents possible penalties or sanctions by the customs authorities.


Customs clearance in Switzerland is a complex but essential process for international trade. Companies and private individuals must strictly observe the applicable customs regulations to ensure smooth import and export processes. It is advisable to find out about the current customs regulations in good time and, if necessary, to seek the support of experts in order to avoid possible difficulties and benefit from the advantages of customs clearance.

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