Car transportation

When it comes to the transportation of vehicles or especially international car transports, PUREPROGRESS is your car shipping company. We are a professional car transportation company that transports cars throughout Germany and abroad. If you are interested in having us transport your car, you can find out everything you need to know about vehicle transportation on the following pages.

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Customer testimonials at the Zurich location:

5*****- star rating:

We recently imported a classic car to Switzerland with the help of PUREPROGRESSS GmbH. Everything went smoothly! We can recommend the company 100% to anyone interested with a clear conscience. TOP! Thanks again!

5*****- star rating:

Vintage car transfer from CH to Germany: very good handling, from the offer to transportation, border clearance and delivery. Gladly again.

Europe-wide car transportation

Single car transportation (open/closed)

If you would like to have a vehicle transported individually from one place to another, we can offer you transportation on an open trailer or in a closed trailer. Transportation is possible throughout Europe. As a rule, individual transports are the perfect solution when things need to move quickly and the vehicle requires a special transport solution to meet your needs.
This could be a defective vehicle, for example, which we can pull onto the trailer using a cable winch, even though the vehicle is no longer roadworthy. Or the vehicle is to be taken to a remote location that can only be served once a month or not at all in collective transportation. In such a case, we will be happy to provide you with a quote for the individual transportation of the vehicle. You can submit your request here. Please note that we will also transport vehicles individually or, depending on availability, with a groupage truck if we have a truck nearby.

PureProgress Autotransport

Collective car transport

If your vehicle is in working order but does not urgently need to be transported to its destination, we can also offer you collective transportation with other vehicles on request. The transport can then take place flexibly within several weeks, but the transport price is usually significantly lower than for individual transportation. This is because we take other vehicles from other customers to the same destination region and can therefore split the costs for the truck. Here, too, we have Europe-wide groupage transportation available.
Please contact us by phone for this option or send us an e-mail request.

PureProgress Autotransport

Car transportation Germany

In addition to car transfers throughout Europe and all over the world, our main focus is on the transportation of cars in Germany. Thanks to our many partner companies throughout Germany, we can offer you transportation in the shortest possible time and at attractive conditions. We can either transport individual vehicles or an entire fleet of vehicles. We have a network that allows us to access open and closed vehicles. We can transport individual vehicles toll-free using a combination of car and car trailer. We are on the road every day in Germany and can therefore guarantee you short delivery times. We will be happy to advise you on your car transport and discuss your individual case with you.

Car transportation Berlin

PureProgress Autotransport

In Berlin, we can pick up or deliver your vehicle at any location. Vehicles are often transported here to tuning fairs, new launches, classic car meetings or marketing events.

Car transportation Hamburg

PureProgress Autotransport

In Hamburg, many vehicles arrive directly at the port from overseas. From there, we can then deliver your vehicle anywhere in Europe. Of course, we are also happy to transport your vehicle via Hamburg to America, Africa or Asia/Oceania.

Car transportation Munich

PureProgress Autotransport

We have several partners in Munich and throughout Bavaria and can therefore collect or deliver your vehicle at any time in the shortest possible time. Ask us about our delivery times.

Car transportation Stuttgart

PureProgress Autotransport

In the greater Stuttgart area, our vehicles travel from Switzerland to the whole of Germany almost every day. We are also happy to take care of your car transportation.

Car transportation Switzerland

Car transportation Zurich

PureProgress Autotransport

As we are at home in Switzerland ourselves, we know the special features of Switzerland. From simple customs clearance to the transportation of cars as relocation goods, we can handle all types of vehicle transport. Our drivers are on the road for you every day from Basel to Zurich and beyond. Our Swiss customers include private customers, industrial companies, car dealers and public authorities.

Car transportation Switzerland costs

The costs for car transportation in Switzerland vary depending on the type of legal transaction involved. In principle, import duties or at least service charges for customs clearance are almost always incurred when crossing the border. As a transport company with its own customs agency and customs declarants, we can also advise you on the subject of customs clearance. Just give us a call.

Car transportation Austria

Car transportation Vienna

PureProgress Autotransport

Are you planning to transport a vehicle from Vienna to Germany or Switzerland? No problem! Should it go further, e.g. to Africa or America? This is also no problem for us. Our drivers are on the road for you almost every day in Austria.

Car transport Graz

PureProgress Autotransport

The transport of your car from Graz via Salzburg to Vorarlberg or to one of the neighboring countries. Contact PUREPROGRESS to arrange transportation. Here you can obtain a non-binding quote for the insured car transport of your jewelry.

Car transportation Spain

Would you like to have your vehicle transported to the Spanish mainland or one of the Spanish islands? We can offer you almost weekly vehicle transports to Spain as well as container or RoRo transports by sea freight to the Spanish mainland or to the Canary Islands / Balearic Islands. Even if you want to bring a vehicle from Spain to Germany or Switzerland, we have local partners for the preparation of Spanish export documents and any necessary export licenses.

International car transportation

If you would like to ship a vehicle from Europe to Asia, for example, we can offer you transportation to the port (e.g. Hamburg) by individual or groupage transport, see above. The vehicle must then be transported to the port of destination either alone in the container or with another vehicle in the container via cargo ship. The alternative is the so-called Ro-Ro procedure, in which the vehicle is driven directly onto the ship at the port by the staff there. The vehicle is therefore transported “unpacked”.

Ro-Ro Transport Overseas

With Ro-Ro transport (roll-on / roll-off), the vehicle is not transported in the container to the port of destination. Instead, it is driven onto the ship and remains there “unpacked”. The vehicle is therefore not directly protected from external influences. We therefore advise against this option, especially for particularly valuable vehicles such as classic cars, new vehicles or luxury cars. The advantage of Ro-Ro vehicle transport, however, is that the transportation costs are significantly lower than for container transport. For old vehicles destined for export to Africa, for example, Ro-Ro is more interesting than container transport.

We will be happy to provide you with a quote for RoRo transportation to almost any port in the world, whether in Africa, America or Asia / Oceania.

PureProgress Autotransport International

Container vehicle transportation overseas

The advantage of transporting vehicles in containers is clearly that the vehicle is protected from external influences such as damage. However, the costs for container transportation of a vehicle are higher than for Ro-Ro transportation. The container may have to be stowed and loaded and unloaded with a crane. On request, we can transport your container to almost any port in the world. We will be happy to send you a quote for vehicle shipping to the port and container transportation.

Frequently asked questions about car transportation

Up to what value is my vehicle insured?

As a rule, your vehicles are insured with us for approx. 10 EUR / kg (8.33 special drawing rights per kg) without separate insurance in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Spedlogswiss. This means, for example, that if your vehicle is worth EUR 5000 and weighs 1300 kg, it would be insured for the full vehicle value (as a maximum of EUR 10 x 1300 kg = EUR 13000 can be insured). If, for example, a vehicle weighing 1500 kg had a value of EUR 20,000, it would only be insured up to EUR 15,000 (approx. EUR 10 / kg x 1500 kg = EUR 15,000). In the unlikely event of extreme damage exceeding EUR 15,000 during the transportation of the car, the value exceeding EUR 15,000 would not be insured. For this reason, we recommend that you take out car transport insurance with us, especially for exclusive vehicle transports, classic car transports, sports car transports, transports of new vehicles or expensive used cars. This can be taken out up to the full value of the vehicle. Talk to us about our insurance solutions.

How long does the car transport take?

As a rule, we can carry out the car transport for you within approx. 5-15 working days after order confirmation or receipt of payment. This means that vehicle transportation is usually possible after just a few days. Only if we require additional documents in advance, such as customs documents for international vehicle transportation, can the transit time be delayed. However, if you are flexible in terms of time, you may be interested in our transportation solution in shared car transport. Several vehicles are transported together in the same direction on a car transporter. This allows us to save on transportation costs and pass the cost advantage on to you.

Is express transportation also possible?

Car transportation at short notice is also possible. Depending on availability, we can also carry out transportation within less than five working days. Please note, however, that we will then have to include the higher travel costs to the loading location in our offer to you. The right coordination is particularly important for urgent transports. After all, it’s no good if the vehicle arrives two days later but you can’t take delivery of it that day. Together we will find a solution for your individual desired date.

Can my vehicle be picked up and delivered anywhere?

In principle, we can pick up and deliver your vehicle at any location. Please note, however, that the loading and unloading point must be accessible with a car transporter or at least with a car and trailer. It is best to let us know when you request a quote so that we can take this into account. We also make deliveries to areas of the old town that require a permit or to unloading points with time restrictions. With us, car transportation is possible throughout Europe and worldwide.

Can I determine the date for collection and delivery myself?

We will be happy to arrange an individual appointment with you for vehicle delivery or collection. Delivery is also possible at the weekend or in the evening if you wish. Alternatively, we can also deliver the vehicle to us for you.
so that you can pick it up during our opening hours.

Do you also handle customs clearance for worldwide car transports?

In addition to Europe-wide car transportation, we can also transport your vehicle anywhere in the world. As we have our headquarters in Switzerland, we are familiar with the particularities of customs clearance. We have our own customs declarants and know exactly what the customs offices look for when checking vehicles and the associated documents. We will also be happy to advise you on how you can legally save on customs duties and import sales tax.

How does the collection work?

After our driver arrives at the pick-up address at the agreed time, photos are first taken of the vehicle. This means that it can later be proven exactly whether the damage occurred during transportation or already existed beforehand. The vehicle is then loaded onto the trailer or car transporter after the keys have been handed over. The collection is confirmed in writing in the form of a handover report so that you have proof later that we have collected the vehicle from you. Your vehicle is then transported to its destination.

What type of vehicle can be transported?

We can transport almost any vehicle for you. The most common vehicle transports include car transport, quad bike transport, but motorcycle transport and truck transport are also no problem. Feel free to ask us about exotic transports.

What happens if my vehicle is damaged during transportation?

As your vehicle is insured with us, we will pass the case on to our insurance company, which will then settle the claim in accordance with the insurance conditions. Please also note the point“Up to what vehicle value is my vehicle insured“.

Can a defective car also be transported?

We can also transport a broken down car or a vehicle that can only be rolled. We have trailers with a cable winch so that a vehicle with a defective engine can be pulled onto the trailer. Please be sure to include it in the contact form if your car is defective or only partially roadworthy. This is the only way we can organize and schedule the appropriate vehicle trailer.

How do I find out the status of the vehicle transport?

You can call us at any time during opening hours (Monday – Friday 07:00 – 17:30) or send us an e-mail to find out the current status of your vehicle transportation. On request and by arrangement, we can also provide GPS tracking or, in the case of sea and air freight, inform you of the expected arrival date at the destination (air) port.

Can you organize the entire collection for me directly with the sender?

If you wish, we can contact the consignor of the vehicle directly to arrange a possible collection date. In addition, we can also contact the shipper by telephone, e.g. 1 hour before collection.

Is it also possible to transfer vehicles on your own wheels?

Yes, we can also transport your vehicle on our own wheels for you. The prerequisite is that the vehicle is roadworthy and registered for road traffic. Transportation on your own axle is generally cheaper than transportation on a trailer. The disadvantage, however, is that the mileage will be affected accordingly.

Can you also (temporarily) store vehicles?

On request, we can also store your vehicle for a certain period of time before loading or collection by the recipient. Your vehicles are either stored in a monitored area or in an underground garage / parking space.

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Customer testimonials at the Zurich location:

5*****- star rating:

Many thanks to the PUREPROGRESS GmbH team for the absolutely professional and fast handling of the transfer and customs clearance of our car (Germany -> Switzerland). Absolutely recommendable. You save time and nerves!

5*****- star rating:

I used Pureprogress to transfer a classic car from Switzerland to Germany. The transaction was absolutely perfect and everything went smoothly. The communication in advance and on site was also great.