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If you want to send unpacked or bulky goods or many parcels/cartons to a customer at the same time, it is advisable to bundle them on a pallet. The pallet serves as an aid here so that the goods can be moved quickly in our warehouse. You then ship this pallet directly to your customer using us as the forwarding agent. Below you will find out where you can buy pallets cheaply, what you need to look out for when packing them and how the process works from placing the transport order to delivery to the recipient.

What is a pallet?

Pallets are load carriers for almost all types of goods. They facilitate the handling and movement of goods, e.g. using a pallet truck or forklift truck. Let’s assume you have 30 small boxes that need to be transported to the same customer. If you send them fixed as a pallet, this makes handling during transportation considerably easier. The boxes do not have to be carried individually, but can be moved through the pallet at the same time. This also guarantees that no carton is lost and no damage is caused if a carton contains fragile goods. In total, you can load a pallet with up to 2,000 kilograms, depending on the type of pallet and if the weight is evenly distributed. This makes the pallet a stable and practical aid. The pallet can be used for all types of transportation such as land freight, sea freight and air freight.

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What types of pallets are there?

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There are different types of pallets that are designed for different needs. The most commonly used type of pallet is the Euro pallet, also abbreviated to “EUR pallet” or “EU pallet” and sometimes also known colloquially as the flat pallet. It measures 1.20 meters x 80 centimeters. This pallet is made of robust wood and can be used several times. Disposable pallets are also frequently used. These are also made of wood, but do not have standardized dimensions. So if you have goods that are, for example, 2 meters long and therefore do not fit on an EUR pallet, you can order and use a one-way pallet in the corresponding dimensions.

In addition to wooden pallets, there are also pallets made of pressboard and plastic pallets. The latter are often used in the food industry and for goods that have to meet hygiene standards (e.g. cleanroom laboratory products).
Half-pallets with a mixture of wood and steel are also suitable for particularly small consignments. These usually measure 80 x 60 cm. Depending on the intended use, you can therefore choose from a wide range of different pallets. No matter what goods you want to ship as a pallet: as long as it fits on the pallet and the load can be secured with appropriate securing equipment such as stretch film and edge protectors, it can be transported.

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Where can I buy pallets cheaply?

In Germany, you can buy pallets at the usual DIY stores such as Obi, Bauhaus or Toom. However, the pallets there are relatively expensive, as they are designed more for furniture construction. The same suppliers also sell their pallets online. However, it is better to use professional providers in this area so that nothing stands in the way of pallet shipping. They sell their pallets used and new in various sizes incl. Delivery.

Some suppliers for the purchase of pallets are, for example, the following:
Plastic and wooden pallets, new (Kaiser-Kraft)
Used and new wooden pallets
Used and new pallets made of wood and plastic
New wooden pallets only

In Switzerland, you can buy the pallets directly from Landi or another DIY store. Alternatively, you can also order them from or one of the other online stores and have them delivered directly to your home.

Here you can order pallets directly online in Switzerland:

Only new wooden pallets
Used pallets, collection only if necessary

What does pallet shipping cost?

The shipping costs for pallet shipping fluctuate daily. This is due to the changing cost of diesel, but also to the rising wages of freight forwarding employees. The price changes depending on where your pallet is to be delivered, i.e. how far the destination is from the collection point and how many pallets you are shipping. If the goods come from Switzerland or are transported to Switzerland or another third country, there are also costs for the preparation of customs documents. We therefore recommend that you fill out the form below for a transportation request. We will then be happy to provide you with an individual offer with a customized solution.

Is the pallet shipment insured?

In principle, all goods that we transport in accordance with the of the liability guidelines of the General Terms and Conditions of Spedlogswiss. These state that your goods are insured for approx. 9-10 EUR or CHF per kilogram during transportation. Our insurance through Allianz Suisse covers transports up to CHF 1,000,000 (equivalent to approx. EUR 900,000). For example, if you send a pallet with a goods value of EUR 5,000 and a weight of 600 kg, the pallet would automatically be insured for its full value. However, if you only send goods weighing 150 kg on a pallet, for example, but the value of the goods is EUR 10,000, the goods would only be insured up to 150 kg x approx. EUR 10 = approx. EUR 1,500. In such a case, we would have to take out separate transport insurance for you with our insurer. The cost of the insurance depends on the value of the goods. However, it is important that the goods are always adequately packaged to prevent damage during transportation. Please note in your contact request that you are interested in additional transport insurance, if applicable.

How fast is delivery with pallet shipping?

The transportation time depends on the quantity of goods, the distance and your individual requirements. If you would like to have individual pallets transported within Germany or Switzerland, the transportation time is usually 1-3 working days. However, if the goods are to be shipped abroad, the transportation time within Europe can also take 1-2 weeks. This depends, among other things, on whether the customs offices involved want to inspect the goods before transportation or at the border, see also Customs clearance. For worldwide shipments, experience shows that the transportation time is at least one week for air freight shipments or a maximum of approx. 8 weeks for sea freight shipments. However, you are welcome to ask us in advance how quickly delivery can be made to the recipient. On request, we can also collect the goods from the sender on a specific date and deliver them to the recipient. Our aim is to make the transport as individual as possible for you.

How do I place a transport order?

Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page first. Here you specify the pick-up location and the delivery location as well as the details of the shipment (dimensions, weight, etc.). You will then receive a transport quote from us within a few hours.
You can either place the transport order using a forwarding order form or send us an uncomplicated e-mail with all the necessary data and, if necessary, documents. We will then confirm the order and take care of everything else. You can sit back and relax while we get your shipment safely to its destination.

What is the next step?

Once you have requested a quote, you will receive a price offer from us. If you are interested, you can then place the transport order with us. Depending on how urgently the goods need to be delivered to the recipient, they are then picked up by us as quickly as possible and either taken directly to the recipient by individual transport or first taken to a transshipment warehouse. In the case of groupage transportation, the goods are collected together with the goods of other customers in your area. The goods are then loaded from the truck in a transshipment warehouse and then bundled in another truck and transported to the transshipment warehouse at the destination. Our customers’ consignments are then loaded onto another truck, which delivers your consignment on time.

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