Motorcycle transportation and customs clearance

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Challenges and risks when transporting motorcycles

The transportation of motorcycles is associated with unique challenges and risks that require special attention and expertise.

  1. Risk of damage: Motorcycles are sensitive machines with numerous exposed parts. During transportation, vibrations, inadequate securing or rough handling can lead to damage such as scratches, dents or even serious mechanical damage.
  2. Weather influences: External transportation exposes motorcycles to weather conditions such as rain, dust, dirt and extreme temperatures, which can lead to corrosion or other damage.
  3. Theft and security: Motorcycles are valuable goods and therefore a potential target for theft. Inadequate securing during transportation increases this risk.
  4. Complex logistics: Planning transportation, especially over long distances or across international borders, requires careful coordination and knowledge of legal requirements to avoid delays.

Importance of a professional transportation service

A professional transport service plays a crucial role in meeting these challenges and minimizing the risks:
  1. Professional handling: experts in motorcycle transportation know how to pack and transport motorcycles safely to prevent damage. They use special materials and techniques to secure and protect the motorcycle.
  2. Adapted means of transport: Qualified providers have specialized means of transport that are designed for the safe transport of motorcycles, including closed vehicles that offer protection from the weather.
  3. Security and monitoring: Our services include advanced security features such as GPS tracking and strict security protocols to prevent theft and unauthorized access.
  4. Experience with customs clearance and regulations: Experienced transport companies navigate customs processes efficiently and comply with all relevant regulations, making transportation across national borders easier.
  5. Insurance cover: We offer various insurance options to protect your motorcycle against unforeseen events during transportation.
In summary, hiring a professional transport service will ensure that your motorcycle arrives at its destination safely, efficiently and in perfect condition, minimizing the worries and risks associated with motorcycle transport.

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Our services

At PUREPROGRESS GmbH, we offer comprehensive motorcycle transportation services tailored to your needs:

  1. Individual transportation solutions: We plan each route carefully and choose road, air or sea transportation as required.
  2. A wide range of insurance options: We offer various insurance packages to provide comprehensive protection for your motorcycle.
  3. Door-to-door service: Your motorcycle is conveniently collected from your location and delivered directly to your destination.
  4. Professional packaging: High-quality materials and experienced teams guarantee safe transportation.
  5. Customs clearance service: We take care of all aspects of customs clearance and cross-border formalities.
  6. Flexible collection and delivery times: We adapt to your schedule.
  7. Continuous tracking: constant updates on the status of your shipment.
  8. Optional storage: Secure storage options for your motorcycle.
Our aim is to offer you a stress-free, safe and efficient service. Rely on our expertise for worry-free motorcycle transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. how high are the transportation costs?

  • The costs depend on the type of transportation, distance and additional services. We prepare individual cost estimates (link cost calculator).

2. how is my motorcycle secured?

  • We use special packaging and fastening techniques for optimum protection.

3. how long does the transportation take?

  • The duration varies depending on the transport mode and distance. We will inform you about estimated delivery times.

4. are there insurance options?

  • Yes, we offer various insurance packages for comprehensive protection.

5 How does the customs clearance process work?

  • We take care of all customs formalities and ensure smooth processing.

6. can I track the transport?

  • Yes, you can track the status of your shipment online with our tracking system.

7 What happens in the event of transport damage?

  • We offer comprehensive support and fast claims settlement via the insurance company.

8. are flexible delivery dates possible?

  • We offer flexible delivery options to accommodate your schedule.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

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Customs clearance process

At [Ihr Unternehmensname], we master the customs clearance process for motorcycles with expertise and efficiency:

  1. Document preparation: We prepare all the necessary documents such as commercial invoices and bills of lading to avoid delays at customs.

  2. Compliance with international regulations: We strictly adhere to international trade and customs regulations to ensure smooth processes.

  3. Customs clearance: Our team takes care of communication with the customs authorities and ensures fast and efficient clearance.

  4. Customs duties and taxes: We calculate all costs incurred in advance and ensure correct and timely payment.

  5. Process monitoring: From collection to destination, we monitor the entire process and keep you informed of the status.

Our aim is to get your motorcycle safely and compliantly through all customs procedures so that it reaches its destination on time and without complications.

  1. How to contact us:
    • Telephone: You can reach us at

[+41 (44) 512 14 35].

  1. Simple request for quotation:
    • Fill out our online form to quickly receive a customized quote.
    • For detailed advice, please contact us by telephone or e-mail.
  2. Fast processing:
    • We guarantee efficient processing of your inquiries and rapid preparation of quotations.

Contact us for an uncomplicated and efficient service experience. We are here to help you with all your motorcycle transportation and customs clearance needs.

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Kontakt Spedition & Zollagentur PUREPROGRESS


At PUREPROGRESS GmbH, we stand for a motorcycle transportation service that focuses on safety, reliability and efficiency. In summary, we offer you:

  • Customized transport solutions: Adapted to your individual needs.
  • Customs clearance: If desired, we can also take care of customs clearance for your motorcycle
  • Comprehensive protection: thanks to professional packaging and extensive insurance options.
  • Expert knowledge: In customs clearance and dealing with international transportation regulations.
  • Transparent and fast communication: with tracking options and personal customer service.

Let’s find the best transportation solution for your motorcycle together. We at [Ihr Unternehmensname] are ready to provide you with a smooth, safe and efficient service.

Get in touch now! Call us at [Ihre Telefonnummer], send us an e-mail at [Ihre E-Mail-Adresse] or use our online form to request your individual offer. We look forward to supporting you and getting your motorcycle safely to its destination.

Contact us today – your motorcycle deserves the best transportation!