Land freight transportation

PUREPROGRESS land freight logistics solutions get your goods to their destination quickly, safely and cost-effectively. It doesn’t matter whether you only ship goods once or whether you carry out land freight transportation on a regular basis. Our experts will be happy to advise you on your individual logistics challenge. Together we will find the best solution for you and your customer. There are different options depending on the type of goods, volume, urgency, budget and individual transportation requirements. As a rule, we always offer you several solutions. So you can decide for yourself which variant offers you the best price/performance ratio.

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Transportation of small consignments (groupage)

For small shipments such as individual cartons up to a few pallets, we can offer you, among other things, land freight transportation in general cargo. Our chauffeur picks up your consignments and takes them to a transshipment warehouse. We then transport them onwards together with other customers’ consignments to the same destination region. The goods are then transported to the HUB (a transshipment warehouse in the destination region). A delivery vehicle then delivers the consignments to the customer. This has the advantage that the costs for transportation to the destination are shared between the various shippers. This is how we transport goods throughout Europe at low cost. Delivery usually takes place within a few days.

Shipments of several pallets or more (land freight partial consignment)

A similarly inexpensive option for the land freight transportation of larger shipments, usually several pallets or more, would be to send the goods as a partial load on a direct truck. Here, too, we combine your consignments with those of other customers. The difference, however, is that the goods are not transshipped. We do not load the goods out of the truck and into the truck several times. This minimizes the risk of damage and shortens transport times at the same time.

Large or urgent shipments (complete truck)

The fastest option in the land freight sector is direct transportation itself. This is similar to delivery by a courier, but is possible from a single box to entire truckloads of over 30 pallets. A vehicle carrying only your goods travels directly to the loading point and then to the destination without any further loss of time (e.g. due to handling of the goods).

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Value-added services and advantages of land freight

No matter which option is right for you, we have the means to carry out the transportation for you. For short distances in particular, it is not always necessary to handle transportation by air freight. Transportation by road freight is significantly cheaper and usually faster. We also offer value-added services. This includes loading and unloading with a tail lift, transportation incl. Truck-mounted forklift, loading and unloading from the side or loading and unloading from above. Pallet exchange or multimodal transportation (e.g. combination of sea and land freight) are also possible.

Thanks to our expertise in customs clearance, we can minimize costs and downtimes and avoid customs fines. We have several of our own customs offices directly on the Swiss border. We can also offer transport insurance on attractive terms for every shipment. This means that the insurance cover also goes beyond the statutory cover.

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Reference project land freight

Find out how a customer in the wholesale and foreign trade sector in the energy sector
was able to reduce its employee and service costs thanks to our service:

PurProgress Spedition Landfracht LKW

A new customer approached us about a project. Due to an auction, we had to transport a large quantity of remaining stock from French-speaking Switzerland to northern Germany in the near future. This involved thousands of products, packed on a total of over 200 pallets in various sizes. Within just a few hours, PUREPROGRESS had organized the transport for the customer, spread over eight trucks. To this end, we made arrangements with the shipper in French, checked the customs documents and prepared the quotation, including the delivery of the goods. of the import duties expected to be incurred.

The trucks were able to arrive at the customer’s two loading ramps with a time delay. This enabled efficient and problem-free loading. At the customer’s request, all vehicles were loaded independently by the drivers. The order was also rather unusual in terms of customs clearance. The auctioned goods were invoiced by an Austrian company with a Swiss pick-up address to a German company.

Although the goods were spread across eight trucks and there was only one purchase contract, we were able to use our expertise to find a solution to this customs challenge. This meant that eight new invoices (for eight trucks) did not have to be issued, nor did eight individual customs clearances have to be carried out, as would have been usual. The goods were delivered to the customer in northern Germany within 48 hours at low cost and without damage. We were also able to convince our customer of the quality of our logistics and customs handling in the follow-up project with a further five trucks from Switzerland to Germany.

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