Career at PUREPROGRESS GmbH, Switzerland

Jobs currently available:

Our employee benefits at all locations:

  • Free parking
  • Free water / tea / coffee / soft drinks during working hours
  • Employee discounts on transportation and customs clearance
  • More vacation days than required by law

Why you should work at PUREPROGRESS GmbH:

  • Flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths
  • Modern working equipment with the latest technology
  • Comprehensive Covid protection concept
  • Intensive learning phase
  • Training and internal continuing education
  • International team
  • Advancement opportunities and career opportunities
  • Working time recording to the minute with possibility
    for flexible overtime reduction (by arrangement)
  • You have opportunities to help build the company


The work with us is varied: in the morning, for example, you declare vehicles or organize their transport: this can be used, old vehicles with a value of just 500.- EUR. Or new luxury vehicles with a value of several hundred thousand euros.

In the afternoon, a new transport and customs clearance order for steel goods may arrive and the next day our customs declarants declare food or even animals.

With us it is guaranteed not to be one-sided!

Verzollung von Waren nach Japan


As an employee of PUREPROGRESS GmbH, you clear customs far beyond the borders of Switzerland and Europe. We perform customs clearance and transportation for international shipments on a daily basis. These are customs declared and duly registered from Switzerland in our offices.

Verzollung von Waren nach Korea


Our offices are equipped with the latest computers and technology. Modern aids such as headsets, barcode scanners, etc. facilitate the work and make it easier to complete the tasks at hand.

Verzollung von China in die Schweiz


Some of our shipments come from the Far East or go overseas and Africa. Foreign language skills are particularly helpful here.

Verzollung Chinawaren


In addition to pure customs clearance, we also offer our customers the complete international service package.

For example, we have already organized and carried out vehicle transports from Switzerland to Africa or Russia.

We also regularly ship goods from China and the USA for our Swiss customers.

Fahrzeugtransport nach Afrika


It often takes foresight to complete an order. Our shipments are transported not only by road, but also by air, rail or sea.

Verzollung von Waren aus Amerika


You should feel comfortable at work – we have made sure of that! As a rule, water, tea, coffee and soft drinks are available free of charge in our offices during working hours. From time to time, we also give you small snacks and other nice attentions as a sign of how much we appreciate your work with us.


As we all know, you never stop learning… with us, you learn something new every week – in all areas of customs clearance, whether import/export, tariff classification or preferential law. Many of our clients‘ cases are individual cases where you gain experience for your professional future.


Thanks to our comprehensive protection concept, you are also well protected at work in times of Covid-19.